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Andrea Minski - TV Host

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Helping Children in Need

Andrea Minski with Pink Shirt

Besides empowering women, Andrea Minksi – TV Host also loves helping boys and girls in need. That's why she is open to working with children's foundations and nonprofit organizations. No matter if the group is looking to clothe, feed, or educate kids, Andrea will be happy to assist them.

Current Partnerships

Forever a kid at heart, Andrea enjoys interacting with children of all ages, especially with the boys and girls of the Kids Kindness Foundation. She also supports the NU3 Foundation in Colombia. This dedicated group is committed to helping and feeding children who are hungry.

Andrea with her brothers and sisters helped to put together the concert Venezuela Aid Live.

Charity organizations close to my heart

Fundacion Nu3 

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The kids kindness project.

A charity for kids by kids.

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